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Automate simple and complex tasks

Puppet Bolt is an agentless multi-platform solution that allows you to get started with automation without the prerequisites of an agent or any Puppet knowledge. Orchestrate application deployments with ease and run one-off Tasks as needed. Combine an ordered set of tasks with other logic into a Plan to accomplish complex orchestrated workflows. You can learn more about Tasks and Plans here.

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Puppet Development Kit

The PDK provides a unified set of tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code.

PDK helps keep your module consistent with established Puppet community standards and provides a framework to successfully test and validate your modules.

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If you're new to Puppet, we recommend the following:

  • Learning Puppet

    Puppet offers expert training in methods that work best for you, from the classroom to your home.

  • Module Fundamentals

    Puppet documentation on fundamentals such as installing modules, classes and defined types.

  • Beginner's Guide to Modules

    Learn how to create fantastic modules by introducing module best practices, standards and architecture.

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