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released May 17th 2011

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bodepd/create_resources — version 0.0.1 May 17th 2011


This is the create_resources module.

NOTE - this has been accepted into 2.7.x core, I am publishing it seperately so that it can be used with 2.6.x

This function allows you to dynamically generate resources, passing them as a hash to the create_resources function.

This was originally written to be used together with an ENC.

Resources can be programitally generated as yaml and passed to a class.

classes: webserver::instances: instances: instance1: foo: bar instance2: foo: blah

Then puppet code can consume the hash parameters and convert then into resources

class webserver::instances ( $instances = {} ) { create_resources('webserver::instance', $instances) }

Now I can dynamically determine how webserver instances are deployed to nodes by updating the YAML files.