Configure PHP-FPM and NGINX for Wordpress sites.

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  • 2.0.0 (latest)
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released Feb 24th 2014

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dcoxall/wordpress — version 2.0.0 Feb 24th 2014


A puppet module that installs all the requirements to get Wordpress installed and running but using NGINX and PHP-FPM instead of the more traditional Apache and mod_php solution.

What does it do?

This module does NOT install wordpress. It does however create an NGINX and PHP-FPM environment in which wordpress works. Based on the recommended set-up described on wordpress.org this module prepares the nginx configuration and php-fpm pool to correctly serve a wordpress installation.

Part of the setup also includes a MySQL installation with a database that can be used with the following details:

  • Username: wordpress
  • Password: wordpress
  • Host: localhost
  • Database: wordpress

These options can be overridden as shown below. The mysql user is given access to the database on a wildcard as well as localhost in the event you wish to connect externally.


include wordpress
# or
class { "wordpress": }


class { "wordpress":
  cache    => false,       # Static asset caching in NGINX (default: false)
  user     => 'wordpress', # DB User (default: wordpress)
  password => 'wordpress', # DB Pass (default: wordpress)
  database => 'wordpress', # DB Name (default: wordpress)


Any contributions are welcome. There are no crazy requirements to contribute.

  1. Fork the project
  2. Make your changes
  3. Create a Pull Request