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released Nov 27th 2015
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deanwilson/validate_json_schema — version 0.0.1 Nov 27th 2015


A Puppet function to validate JSON against a JSON schema


Sometimes ensuring that JSON is valid isn't enough. You could need to assert the presence of certain values and ensure they are specific types. In those cases validating your JSON against a schema can help prevent you deploying well formed but invalid JSON from Puppet.

validate_json_schema returns true if the supplied JSON validates against the provided schema and throws a Puppet::ParseError and halts the catalog run if it fails.


Ensure the json-schema gem is installed on the puppet master:

/opt/puppetlabs/server/bin/puppetserver gem install json-schema --no-ri --no-rdoc

Then restart your puppetmaster to pick up the new gem.

You can then use the function in your manifests:

class json_tester {

  $json_data   = file('json_tester/valid-json.json')
  $json_schema = file('json_tester/valid-schema.json')

  if validate_json_schema($json_data, $json_schema, true) {
    file { '/tmp/valid_json':
      content => $json_data,

If you supply invalid json you'll see an error like this on your clients

Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server:
Error 400 on SERVER: Evaluation Error: 
Error while evaluating a Function Call, Invalid JSON: ["The property
'#/elements' of type String did not match the following type:
integer in schema 5fe3442c-38ba-5365-a5ae-39a9c406c715#"] at /etc/p-
s/init.pp:6:6 on node


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