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Install and manage a graylog2 server and the web-interface


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  • 1.2.1 (latest)
  • 1.2.0
  • 1.1.1
  • 1.1.0
  • 1.0.0
  • 0.9.1
  • 0.9.0
  • 0.8.0
  • 0.7.0
  • 0.6.1
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released Apr 29th 2016
This version is compatible with:
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This module has been deprecated by its author since May 15th 2020.

The author has suggested graylog-graylog as its replacement.

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graylog2/graylog2 — version 1.2.1 Apr 29th 2016


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This module only supports Graylog 1.x!

We started a new Puppet module for Graylog 2.0 over at: This one will be deprecated soon.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Installation
  3. Usage
  4. Authors
  5. Credits
  6. License


This module manages a Graylog setup including the server and the web-interface.

Supported Graylog versions:

  • 1.0, 1.1

Supported platforms:

  • Debian 7
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • CentOS 6.5


There is an implicit dependency to Elasticsearch and MongoDB - make sure to set those up properly before using this module! You can use existing Puppet modules to do that.


mod 'graylog2/graylog2', 'x.x.x'

Check for the latest version!

Puppet Module Tool

puppet module install graylog2/graylog2

Manual Installation

This module depends on:

So all repositories have to be checked out:

git clone modules/graylog2
git clone modules/apt
git clone modules/stdlib


A Graylog example including the server and the web-interface component. The module does not setup Elasticsearch and MongoDB so make sure to have those installed as well!

class {'graylog2::repo':
  version => '1.1'
} ->
class {'graylog2::server':
  password_secret    => 'veryStrongSecret',
  root_password_sha2 => 'sha256PasswordHash'
} ->
class {'graylog2::web':
  application_secret => 'veryStrongSecret',

Installing graylog-radio with default settings (deprecated since Graylog 1.0)

class {'graylog2::repo':
  version => '1.1'
class {'graylog2::radio': }



To the community package maintainers. (The official Graylog packages are used now.)


graylog2-puppet is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.