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released Feb 12th 2015
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jriviere/windows_sharepoint — version 0.0.7 Feb 12th 2015


This is the windows_sharepoint module.

##Module Description

This module allow you to manage user and group in SharePoint 2013. Allow you to install and configure SharePoint 2013 You can found this module on the forge jriviere/windows_sharepoint or on GitHub

This module use the AutoSPInstaller Project to install and configure SharePoint. v3.96 (6 July 2014). This version have been modified to run with puppet.

All password will be automatically fill if you use Windows AD module and his XML file. The windows_ad module can be found in forge jriviere/windows_ad or on GitHub

The account used for installing SharePoint must be Admin local at least on each server, and SQL sysdbo or at least have SQL DB Creator and security admin rights Tested with : SharePoint Foundation 2013 SP1 SharePoint Standard 2013 SP1 SharePoint EnterPrise 2013 SP1

This module is only compatible with SharePoint 2013. Only tested with puppet agent 3.6.2, Windows Server 2012 R2

##Last Fix/Update V 0.0.7 :

  • Add -ea option on powershell command
  • Update the way to execute SharePoint installation

###Setup Requirements Depends on the following modules:

- ['puppetlabs/powershell', '>=1.0.2'](,
- ['puppetlabs/stdlib', '>= 4.2.1'](


##SharePointInstall Class windows_sharepoint : Permit installation of SharePoint

  languagepackspath     => "C:\\source\\LanguagePacks",   # path where we are going to take the updates and put them in the correct folder for autospinstaller (not yet implemented)
  updatespath           => "C:\\source\\Updates",         # path where we are going to take the extracted languagepacks and put them in the correct folder for autospinstaller. (Works)
  sppath                => "C:\\source\\sharepoint.exe",  # path where we will find the exe file of sharepoint Foundation
  dbserver              => "SQL_ALIAS",                   # the alias created by autospinstaller
  dbaliasinstance       => "COMPUTERNAME",
  setupaccountpassword  => "P@ssw0rd",
  spfarmaccount         => "spfarm",
  spapppoolaccount      => "spapppool",
  spservicesaccount     => "spservices",
  spsearchaccount       => "spsearch",
  spcrawlaccount        => "spcrawl",
  spsuperreaderaccount  => "spsuperreader",
  spsuperuseraccount    => "spsuperuser",
  spsyncaccount         => "spsyncaccount",                  # Mandatory with Standard and enterprise
  spusrprfpassword      => "spusrprfaccount",                # Mandatory with Standard and enterprise
  spexcelaccount        => "spexcelaccount",                 # Mandatory with enterprise
  key                   => "SYOUR-PRODU-CTKEY-OFSPS-2012S",
  passphrase            => "P@ssPhrase@2014",               #SharePoint Farm PassPhrase.Must be at least 8 charaters with upper character, lower character, numbers, specialcharacter (3 of this 4 categories)
  webappurl             => "https://localhost",
  applicationPool       => "Default AppPool",
  webappname            => "WebApp",
  webappport            => 443,
  webappdatabasename    => "Default_ContentDB",
  siteurl               => "https://localhost",
  sitecolname           => "Home",
  sitecollcid           => "1033",
  sitecollocale         => "en-us",
  sitecolowner          => "spfarm",


    $removedefaultwebapp         # If set to true this will delete the default created webapp

##webapplication Ressource windows_sharepoint::webapplication : Permit installation of SharePoint

windows_sharepoint::webapplication{"default - $webappname":
  url                    => "http://localhost",
  applicationpoolname    => "AppPool_TestPuppet",
  webappname             => "Test Puppet",
  databasename           => "SP2013_Content_TestPuppet",
  applicationpoolaccount => "s-spapppool",
  ensure                 => present,
  usessl                 => false,
  webappport             => 6789,

##user Resource: windows_sharepoint::user

  username   => "Jerome",
  login      => 'jre',
  group      => "SharePoint Owners",
  weburl     => 'https://sharepoint/sites/jre',
  admin      => true,


    $username         # Fullname of the user
    $login            # SamAccountName
    $weburl           # URL of the site where we want to add user
    $group            # Group name where we want put the user
    $admin            # Is SiteColAdmin ? Default : false

##SP Group Resource: windows_sharepoint::group

    windows_sharepoit{'SharePoint Owners':
      group           => "SharePoint Owners",
      weburl          => 'https://sharepoint/sites/jre',
      permissionlevel => 'Full Control',
      ownername       => 'jre',


    $weburl           # URL of the site where we want to add user
    $group            # Group name where we want put the user
    $permissionlevel  # Permissions for the group Full Control|Edit|Contribute|Read|Design
    $ownername        # Owner of the group
    $description      # group description

##webapplication Ressource windows_sharepoint::services::reporting : Allow installation and configuration of SharePoint reporting service integrated mode

      databasename    => "ReportingServicesDB",
      databaseserver  => "SQL_ALIAS",
      serviceaccount  => "spservices",


    $defaultsrvgrp    # Add the service to the default service app group. Default True
    $apppoolname      # App Pool name . The app pool will be created.
    $servicename      # Service Name. Default : SQL Server Reporting Service Application
    $proxyname        # Proxy Name. Default : SQL Server Reporting Service Application Proxy

Known issues

Please don't add a '/' after the WebApp URL and site url, if you do so AutoSpInstaller will throw an error and will not create the WebApp and site Coll.

The User profile Service Application will be installed but the synchronisation will not work. You have to remove the UPA Service and create another one manually. (Puppet can't get back the control with infinite powershell start-process instance :(, so I have to disable this steps. ). (Don't forget to give Replicate Right to the sync user.)


Apache License, Version 2.0




Please log tickets and issues at Github site