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released Dec 5th 2013

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maxchk/salt — version 0.0.4 Dec 5th 2013

Puppet module for Salt

This Puppet module installs and configures Salt.
Tested on Ubuntu and CentOS.

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Class ::salt

Installs Salt.

Provides access to primary configuration options.
If you need access to more options, you probably won't be using Puppet at that point.
All minion specific parameters start with minion_ prefix.
All master specific parameters start with master_ prefix.

Controls Salt service.

At minimum you may want to change a value for minion parameter master: minion_master => ''

Alternatively you can set internal DNS to resolve the name 'salt' to the Salt Master IP.

facter_include parameter allows you to make facts into grains.
It runs facter and saves output in /etc/salt/grains file in a following format:

   - value1
   - value2

... and so on

To target, just use -G 'facter:name:value'
NOTE: if you already have /etc/salt/grains file non empty, do not use this option, as it will override its content.
Disabled by default.

For more details on parameters, check class salt.

Usage, class ::salt

install Salt (minion only)

include salt

install Salt (minion only) and set minion option master to ''

class {'::salt':
  minion_master => '',

same as above plus make facts into grains

class {'::salt':
  minion_master => '',
  facter_include => true,

install Salt (master and minion) and set minion option master to ''

class {'::salt':
  master        => true,
  minion_master => '',


Examine the scripts/cibuild script for how the Travis CI tests are run.

For more examples check module tests directory.
NOTE: make sure you don't run tests on Production server.