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Aws Helper for an instance


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Version information

  • 0.0.7 (latest)
  • 0.0.6
  • 0.0.2
  • 0.0.1
released May 21st 2015
This version is compatible with:

Start using this module

  • r10k or Code Manager
  • Bolt
  • Manual installation
  • Direct download

Add this module to your Puppetfile:

mod 'neillturner-aws_helper', '0.0.7'
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Add this module to your Bolt project:

bolt module add neillturner-aws_helper
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Manually install this module globally with Puppet module tool:

puppet module install neillturner-aws_helper --version 0.0.7

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neillturner/aws_helper — version 0.0.7 May 21st 2015


Aws Helper for an instance

Allows functions on EBS volumes, snapshots, IP addresses and more

  • initially snapshots are supported
  • cleanup ebs volumes.

Minimal Usage

Assuming server started with an IAM role that have read access to AWS can create and delete snapshots. To backup the root disk on device /dev/sda daily at 2am and keep the last 7 days of snapshots and send an email at 3am giving a list of the last 20 snapshots.

 class { 'aws_helper': }

 class { 'aws_helper::ebs_backup'
   cron_hour        => '2',
 class { 'aws_helper::snap_email'
   cron_hour        => '3',
   to               => '',
   from             => '',
   email_server     => '',

Cleanup ebs disks - Delete old server root disks. Disks that are 8GB in size, not attached to a server, not tagged in any way and from a snapshot will be deleted.

 class { 'aws_helper::ebs_cleanup'
   cron_hour        => '19',

Complex Usage

Snapshot EBS root disk and attached disk to device /dev/sdf volume vol-654321 access AWS through an http proxy and send an email at 3am giving a list of the last 30 snapshots. If your server does not have a role then you need to code the AWS keys although this is not best practice.

 class { 'aws_helper': }

 class { 'aws_helper::ebs_backup'
   aws_access_key    => 'xxxxxxxxxxxx',
   aws_secret_key    => 'yyyyyyyyyyy',
   http_proxy        => '',
   helper_path       => '/usr/bin/',
   root_device       => '/dev/sda',
   root_vol          => 'vol-123456',
   attached_device   => '/dev/sdf',
   attached_vol      => 'vol-654321',
   log               => '/var/log/ebs_backup.log',
   snapshots_to_keep => '20',
   description       => 'testserver',
   script_path       => '/usr/sbin',
   cron_minute       => '30',
   cron_hour         => '2',
 class { 'aws_helper::snap_email'
   aws_access_key    => 'xxxxxxxxxxxx',
   aws_secret_key    => 'yyyyyyyyyyy',
   owner             => 999888777777,
   http_proxy        => '',     
   cron_hour        => '3',
   to               => '',
   from             => '',
   email_server     => '',
   subject          => 'My EBS Backups',
   rows             => '30',

Other functions to follow