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released Feb 27th 2013

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reidmv/windows_package — version 0.0.1 Feb 27th 2013

windows_package type/provider

This is the Package type/provider from Puppet 3.0 extracted from the 3.0 codebase and turned into a new type/provider for Puppet 2.7 called "windows_package". It is used in exactly the same way as the package type, but only works on Windows and adds the additional package management functionality available from the 'windows' package provider.

The big thing this provides is the ability to manage Windows packages that don't have an MSI installer. windows_package is capable of handling arbitrary EXE installers.

This module is only useful in the Puppet 2.7.x series. The functionality is native to the package type in Puppet 3.x.

Example Usage

windows_package { 'Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile': ensure => installed, source => 'C:/dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe', install_options => ['/q', '/norestart'], }

windows_package { '7-Zip': ensure => installed, name => '7-Zip 9.20 (x64 edition)', source => 'C:\7z920-x64.msi', }