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released Jul 2nd 2012

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sessionm/djbdns — version 0.0.1 Jul 2nd 2012


Description: Puppet module for installing djbdns


This puppet module is designed ONLY for Ubuntu at this time (due to package availability in repositories).

This module will install and configure both DNSCache and TinyDNS (the two portions of the DJBDNS suite).


Custom Provider and Type are current underwork. Pull requests are welcome. As it stands exists? is called, but not create or destroy.


To install the DJBDNS suite include djbdns

This will leave a installed, but nearly unfunctional system (it will only listen for requests on localhost, which is impossible with both on the same system.

To setup the listen nets:

class { 'djbdns::dnscache':
  listen_net => 'Some.IP.Range.Here',

Note that the listen_net can be as short as a single octet and you can have multiple.

To set the TinyDNS authoritative link from DNS cache do the following

class { 'djbdns::zone':
  zone_names => ['', ''],

Again, you can have an array in this place to delegate authority to TinyDNS for multiple domains.


This module is made available under the Apache 2.0 License and all its terms and conditions. It is provided free of charge and with no warranty.