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released Feb 15th 2014

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wolfspyre/bashrc — version 0.2.0 Feb 15th 2014

Class: bashrc

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Module Description - What the module does and why it is useful
  3. Setup - The basics of getting started with bashrc
  4. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality
  5. Reference - An under-the-hood peek at what the module is doing and how
  6. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.
  7. Development - Guide for contributing to the module


This class manages additions to bashrc system-wide. This facilitates a means to run a pre-defermined list of scripts which are fed data derived from puppet for all users on the system.

Currently implemented functionality:

  • The ability to dynamically alter the colors of the user's prompt depending on hiera parameters.
  • the ability to enable git integration with your tab completion
  • the ability to customize the left and right sides of the prompt.
  • The ability to display git branch statistics for the current branch

Work-In-Progress functionality:

  • The ability to feed a script a list of servicenames, and their corresponding processnames to report the status, and number of processes at login.
  • The ability to feed a script a list of portnames, protocol, port number, and detail level to report on at login
  • The ability to feed a script a list of repositories, and their corresponding filesystem path. it can report the branch and status of the repository found at that location
    • GIT
    • bzr
    • svn
    • hg


What bashrc affects

  • Directories:
    • /etc/bashrc.d
  • Files: templated files are displayed like this
    • /etc/bashrc
    • /etc/bashrc.d/prompt.sh
    • /etc/bashrc.d/git_completion.sh`
    • /etc/bashrc.d/git_prompt.sh

Setup Requirements

  • Required Classes
    • stdlib

Beginning with bashrc

  • include bashrc


This module is intended to be a foundation which can accept other extensions. Each piece of functionality is enabled or disabled in topscope, which inherits its' parameter values from class topscope.

Each submodule has default values in bashrc::config.

bashrc::setup is reponsible for the alterations to /etc/bashrc and the creation of /etc/bashrc.d

bashrc::prompt is responsible for prompt customizations like enabling or disabling and changing the colorization, enabling git branch awareness and enhancements.

Hiera Example

bashrc::bashrcdir:              '/etc/bashrc.d'
bashrc::enable_git_completion:  true
bashrc::enable_prompt_mods:     true
bashrc::prompt_color_enable:    true
bashrc::prompt_git_color:       true
bashrc::prompt_git_enable:      true
bashrc::prompt_primary_color:   blue
bashrc::prompt_secondary_color: red
bashrc::prompt_leftblock:       '\u'
bashrc::prompt_rightblock:      '\h \W'
bashrc::prompt_separator:       '@'


  • bashrc Class

    • bashrcdir string

    Sets the location of the to be created rc directory

    • enable_prompt_mods boolean

    Whether or not to put ps1 under puppet control

    • enable_git_completion boolean

    Whether or not to deploy the git completion script to integrate git into tab awareness https://github.com/git/git/blob/master/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash

    • prompt_color_enable boolean

    Whether or not to enable the colorization of the shell prompt

    • prompt_git_color string
    • prompt_git_enable boolean

    Whether or not to display git info of the working directory in the prompt

    • prompt_primary_color string

    What color the left portion of the prompt should be

    • prompt_secondary_color string

    What color the right portion of the prompt should be

    • puppetdir string Supported options: red , green , yellow , blue , purple , cyan , white

    Sets where puppet is installed by default. Necessary for template switcher via an inline template

    • skelfile string

    Sets the location of the skeleton .bashrc file for new users

  • bashrc::prompt class




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