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released Dec 7th 2015
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    yelp/monitoring_check — version 0.0.5 Dec 7th 2015


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    monitoring_check is a puppet module to create Sensu checks.

    These are special Sensu checks, that are designed to operate with the Yelp sensu_handlers, for multi-team environments.

    The monitoring_check definition allows applications to define their behavior, including how noisy they are, which teams get notified, and how.


    # Page if operations if cron isn't running
    monitoring_check { 'cron':
      alert_after => '5m',
      check_every => '1m',
      page        => true,
      team        => 'operations',
      runbook     => '',
      command     => "/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_procs -C crond -c 1:30 -t 30 ",
      require     => Class['cron']


    Please see init.pp for a full list of parameters. They are documented in the standard puppet doc format.

    Team Data JSON

    By default, monitoring_check will expose the Team Data as JSON in /etc/sensu/team_data.json by accessing the team_data key. This file is designed to be used by non-puppet clients, to help with validation.

    However, it could potentially contain sensitive information. It can be disabled by setting monitoring_check::params::expose_team_data to false.

    Note: Team data is always exposed on the sensu-server.

    Limitations / Explanation

    This wrapper only works with the Yelp handlers. The secret is that a sensu check can declare arbitrary key-value pairs in its event data.

    Then, the special handlers can pick up these key-values and make decisions based on them.

    For example, monitoring_check can set a notification_email entry, and the Yelp email handler can pick up on this entry and send emails specifically to the specified email address.

    Contrast this with traditional sensu handlers, where the destination email address is configuration the handler, not the check.


    Apache 2.


    Open an issue or fork and open a Pull Request

    Please do not attempt to use monitoring_check without Yelp's sensu_handlers unless you intend to write your own custom handlers.