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  • An Exaple of module

    Version 0.1.0

  • Run commands with the local shell

    Version 1.0.4

  • manage User Account Control on Microsoft Windows

    Version 0.0.3

  • manage PHP composer installation as well as installation and update of projects using composer

    Version 0.3.5

  • Manages the RHEL cronie package and service

    Version 0.2.0

  • Configure Arch Linux on a MacBook Retina

    Version 0.3.0

  • Sets up Docker container via systemd service units.

    Version 0.0.0

  • Disk related facts for Windows

    Version 0.2.5

  • A task to access Bolt configuration from secrets stored in a Hashicorp Vault server

    Version 0.3.0

  • Puppet module to manage timezones

    Version 2.0.16

  • A puppet module for solr

    Version 0.0.8

  • Official DPM module

    Version 1.13.2

  • bacula client (fd) and server (dir and sd) management

    Version 0.1.6

  • A module to generate Kickstart configurations with Puppet.

    Version 0.4.0

  • Native types for managing Google Cloud Platform infrastructure as Puppet DSL.

    Version 1.0.0

  • Puppet Couchdb module

    Version 1.0.12

  • Installs DataStax OpsCenter on RHEL/Ubuntu/Debian.

    Version 2.0.10

  • This puppet module to manage puppet.conf

    Version 0.2.7

  • Puppet module for ipfilter on solaris

    Version 0.1.0

  • Boundary meter module

    Version 1.3.0

  • This module manages a bacula infrastructure

    Version 0.0.2

  • Installs gsutil package, A command prompt utility to access the google cloud storage

    Version 0.9.4

  • A module to install, configure and manage the Metricbeat collector.

    Version 0.4.0

  • Configure and manage a dovecot IMAP server

    Version 3.0.0

  • Install and configure ksplice for Centos, RHEL, Debian, and Ubuntu

    Version 2.0.3

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