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  • Manage devices used by 'puppet device' on puppet agents.

    Version 2.7.1

  • A module to manage time configuration in Windows

    Version 0.4.3

  • pfx file certificate import and removal by thumbprint - windows

    Version 1.0.0

  • Module to the windows firewall

    Version 0.0.3

  • A defined type for managing Windows WMI Objects.

    Version 0.1.0

  • Puppet module that adds the mgmtgraph face

    Version 0.4.2

  • Allow MCO RPC Agents to be run through a task

    Version 0.1.1

  • Module to install and configure a meteor stack. Both Dev and Prod configurations.

    Version 0.3.7

  • Version 0.1.1

  • Module for managing the windows event log

    Version 999.999.999

  • Module for installing and configuring EZProxy.

    Version 2.1.1

  • Integration with SecretServer from Thycotic to manage passwords and certificates

    Version 2.1.0

  • The purpose of this module is to process erb templates that exist on the local node independent of the puppetmaster.

    Version 0.3.1

  • Module for managing Microsoft Visual Studio

    Version 999.999.999

  • A module for managing CA certs where needed

    Version 0.5.0

  • Configuration and management of InfluxData's Telegraf metrics collection agent

    Version 2.0.1

  • A Puppet module to manage Google Cloud DNS resources

    Version 0.2.0

  • Basic host configuration

    Version 0.1.3

  • Module for managing Microsoft Office

    Version 999.999.999

  • Install vagrant

    Version 0.0.5

  • Manage PowerShell modules and repositories

    Version 2.0.1

  • Module to manage the power settings on Windows

    Version 999.999.999

  • This module manages Java Plugin 64-Bits (JRE)

    Version 8.91.0

  • puppet module for Centrify

    Version 1.0.0

  • A simple module demonstrating placing a shortcut on a Windows desktop.

    Version 0.0.3

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