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Download Puppet Development Kit (PDK)

The Puppet Development Kit (PDK) makes it easier than ever to develop and test Puppet modules by providing a simple, unified interface to a set of helpful tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code.

From the list below, select the operating system, version and architecture of the platform where you will run the Puppet Development Kit. For *nix users, PDK is now available via native package managers.

By clicking on any of these links, you agree to the terms of the open source Puppet Development Kit license.

Additional Resources

Choose your PDK version for download

Operating system
VersionDownload linkURL
   Enterprise Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux)
9 (x86_64)
8 (x86_64)
7 (x86_64)
36 (x86_64)
15 (x86_64)
12 (x86_64)
12 (amd64)
11 (amd64)
10 (amd64)
22.04 (amd64)
20.04 (amd64)
18.04 (amd64)
   Microsoft Windows
13 Ventura (x86_64)
12 Monterey (x86_64)
11 Big Sur (x86_64)