The mounts module will help manage mount points on linux systems.

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released Oct 11th 2013

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Tags: ext, nfs, linux, fstab, mount


AlexCline/mounts — version 0.3.1 Oct 11th 2013


The mounts module will help manage mount points on linux systems.

This module depends on the AlexCline-dirtree and AlexCline-fstab modules. Installing with puppet module install will install the required dependencies.

It also depends on puppetlabs-stdlib 4.x or higher, because of the use of us of the following functions:

concat() in AlexCline-fstab and ensure_resource() in this Module (in puppetlabs-stdlib 3.x ensure_resource() can only be used with a string not with an array.

*Note: If using ensure=>absent, the destination directory will not be automatically removed. A notice will be displayed on the client about removing the directory manually.


 mounts { 'Mount point for NFS data':
   ensure => present,
   source => '',
   dest   => '/opt/data',
   type   => 'nfs',
   opts   => 'nofail,defaults,noatime',


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