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Puppet Enterprise 2019 with Puppet 6

Puppet Enterprise 2019.0 is now available! Schedule one-time and recurring jobs in the console. Run tasks over remote transports with RBAC and logging. Puppet Bolt hit 1.0 and is now supported. Puppet Platform 6 is inside with first-class support for an intermediate CA and improved agent cert UX. Agents can now fetch data directly with coming integrations for secret stores like Vault, Conjur, Amazon Secrets Manager and Azure Key Vault.

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Puppet Development Kit

The PDK provides a unified set of tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code.

PDK helps keep your module consistent with established Puppet community standards and provides a framework to successfully test and validate your modules.

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If you're new to Puppet, we recommend the following:

  • Learning Puppet

    Puppet offers expert training in methods that work best for you, from the classroom to your home.

  • Module Fundamentals

    Puppet documentation on fundamentals such as installing modules, classes and defined types.

  • Beginner's Guide to Modules

    Learn how to create fantastic modules by introducing module best practices, standards and architecture.

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