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  • 0.1.8 (latest)
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released Oct 5th 2015
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  • Debian

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MansM/openhab — version 0.1.8 Oct 5th 2015


Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Module Description - What the module does and why it is useful
  3. Setup - The basics of getting started with openhab
  4. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality
  5. Reference - An under-the-hood peek at what the module is doing and how
  6. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.
  7. Development - Guide for contributing to the module


Installing openhab & addons, currently developing for RPi/raspbian and debian, but should also work on other Linux based system. Not using the OS version but the stock.

Module Description

This module has as goal to simplify the installation and configuration of openhab. The reason to build this: I expect my microsd card to fail once in a while and I am too lazy to do a complete reinstall by hand.


What openhab affects

your household ;-)

Setup Requirements

I am using plugin sync, not tested it without. Hiera is REQUIRED!

Beginning with openhab

Get an Rpi with raspbian and use it :-) also normal debian should work, java is auto installed by using puppetlabs-java, disable it by setting $install_java to false.



My hiera file currenty looks like this:

openhab::personalconfigmodule             : 'openhab-personal'
openhab::security_netmask                 : ''
openhab::binding_denon_id                 : 'sr7005'
openhab::binding_denon_host               : ''
openhab::binding_denon_update             : 'telnet'
openhab::binding_mqtt_id                  : 'raspi'
openhab::binding_mqtt_url                 : 'tcp://localhost:1883'
openhab::persistence_mysql_user           : 'openhab'
openhab::persistence_mysql_password       : 'openhab'
openhab::persistence_mysql_url            : 'jdbc:mysql://'
openhab::persistence_mysql_waitTimeout    : '30'
openhab::persistence_mysql_reconnectCnt   : '5'

        addon_version: "1.7.1"
        addon_version: "1.8.0-SNAPSHOT"
        sourceurl:     ""
    binding.zwave: {}
    io.myopenhab: {}

Using your own items/rules/sitemaps/etc

To use your own item/rules/sitemaps/etc files, you need to set the variable openhab::personalconfigmodule. In this variable you place the name of the folder name of the module that contains the files. In my case that is openhab-personal. In the module directory, you need a directory named files with subdirectories items, rules and sitemaps.


Working plugins

Action pushover

Currently only implemented defaultuser and defaulttoken vars. Hiera:

openhab::action_pushover_defaulttoken     : 'findyourtokenonpushoverwebsite'
openhab::action_pushover_defaultuser      : 'findyouruseronpushoverwebsite'

in rules you can send a message through pushover with the following code:

pushover("Laundry machine is finished")

binding mqtt

(I am using it with mqttwarn for sending messages, in the example beneath I use it to signal me, the laundrymachine is fisnished) Hiera

openhab::binding_mqtt_id                  : 'raspi'
openhab::binding_mqtt_url                 : 'tcp://localhost:1883'

Items file for sending a message:

String mqWas {mqtt=">[raspi:wasmachine/1:state:*:default]"}

in a rule:

postUpdate(mqWas, "was is klaar")


Currently you can use plugins from a different version but you are limited to a single source for a version, you cant have by example 2 different 1.7.1 versions


Currently working on getting all the basics working. For lots of addons I do accept pull requests ;-) If you prefer to have me writing the support for an addon, please create an issue on github.


  • fixing the custom facts for myopenhab uuid/secret (can use some help)
  • test on centos/etc
  • habmin is installed, but requires zwave addon, without it doesnt work, need to ensure a zwave addon is available
  • lots of modules need their config in the openhab.cfg, so lots of work on the template. Please make issues for requests
  • updating the documentation
  • travis-ci and other testing