Installs and configures Perforce GitFusion




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Version information

  • 0.2.0 (latest)
  • 0.1.0
released May 9th 2016
This version is compatible with:
  • Puppet Enterprise >= 3.0.0 < 2017.0.0
  • Puppet >= 3.0.0 < 5.0.0
  • Ubuntu

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alanpetersen/gitfusion — version 0.2.0 May 9th 2016



Installs and configures Perforce Git Fusion. See the following for more information:


NOTE: This version of the Git Fusion module installs the Git Fusion binaries, but does not install the helix p4d service. Git Fusion can be configured to point to a local instance or remote instance.

class { 'gitfusion':
  p4super          => 'p4super',
  p4super_password => 'p@ssw0rd',
  gfp4_password    => 'p@ssw0rd',

Class Parameters

The following parameters are available in the gitfusion class:

  • p4super -- REQUIRED -- the existing superuser account that will be used to configure the Git Fusion repo, triggers, etc. in the Perforce Helix instance.
  • p4super_password -- REQUIRED -- the password for the Perforce superuser account.
  • gfp4_password -- REQUIRED -- the password to be used for the Git Fusion accounts created in Perforce.
  • gf_sys_user -- the system user to run Git Fusion as. If the user does not exist, it will be created. Defaults to "git".
  • gf_dir -- the path to the Git Fusion executable files.
  • server -- the server type to be used with this Git Fusion instance. This defaults to 'local'. The valid values are:
    • local = use an existing Perforce service on this machine
    • remote = use an existing Perforce service on another machine
  • server_id -- the server id used to identify the Git Fusion server. Defaults to the current hostname.
  • p4port -- the P4PORT for the Perforce service. Defaults to '1666'.
  • timezone -- the Perforce service's timezone in Olson format.
  • unknownuser -- a flag that specifies how to handle the Perforce change owner for git commits authored by non-Perforce users. This defaults to 'reject'
    • reject = reject push which contains commits authored by non-Perforce users
    • pusher = accept commits authored by non-Perforce users and set the change owner to the pusher
    • unknown = accept commits authored by non-Perforce users and set the change owner to 'unknown_git'
  • https -- a boolean indicating whether or not Git Fusion should support HTTPS protocol using Apache. NOTE This module does not install Apache, that would have to be done before this module is configured.
  • debug -- a boolean flag which turns on debugging for the Git Fusion installer.

Hiera Usage Example

You can provide data for your Git Fusion management using Hiera. To do this, simply classify your node

include gitfusion

and then in your hiera data provide something like:

gitfusion::p4super: p4superuser
gitfusion::p4super_password: p4superuserpassword
gitfusion::gfp4_password: git_fusion_user_password
gitfusion::server: local
gitfusion::p4port: 1666