A simple module for managing postgrey

Tomas Doran



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  • 0.0.2 (latest)
  • 0.0.1
released Jul 11th 2014

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bobtfish/postgrey — version 0.0.2 Jul 11th 2014

What is it?

A puppet module for managing postgrey (

How do I use it?

Just include the 'postgrey' module

Further configuration

The whitelists of senders and recipients can be configured in the module, either by supplying parameters, or by hiera data bindings.

The following configuration keys are available:

$enable = true

If the postgrey service should be enabled

$start = true

If the postgrey service should be started

$port = 10023

The port to run the service on

$host =

The host to bind the service to listen to

$delay = 300

greylist for N seconds

$max_age = 35

delete entries older than N days since the last time that they have been seen

$auto_whitelist_clients = 5

whitelist host after first successful delivery N is the minimal count of mails before a client is whitelisted (turned on by default with value 5) specify N=0 to disable

$retry_window = 2,

allow only N days for the first retrial (default: 2) append 'h' if you want to specify it in hours

$extra_options = ''

Any extra options to supply to the daemon. See man postgrey(8)

$default_whitelist_clients = true

If the default list of whitelist clients should be used

$whitelist_clients = []

Additional clients to whitelist

default_whitelist_recipients = true

If the default list of recipients should be whitelisted (abuse@ and postmaster@)

$whitelist_recipients = []

Additional recipients to whitelist.