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released Dec 21st 2012

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csail/freebsd — version 0.0.1 Dec 21st 2012


This is the freebsd module. It contains classes, types, and facts useful for FreeBSD systems.

What's in it

  • rc_conf, periodic_conf, loader_conf - manage the contents of the named files. These are based on the examples from the Puppet Wiki, and depend on the shell_config type (defined in our shell_config module), which really should be a Puppet core type. Note that the Augeas lens that shell_config currently depends on fails on loader.conf files that contain tunables, because the shell (unlike /boot/loader) doesn't allow dots in variable names. This will need to be fixed in the FreeBSD Augeas port or upstream Augeas; we use a custom hacked package.

  • ipfw - simple firewall configuration. Currently this only implements the standard firewall types known by /etc/rc.firewall (and all it does is put the relevant thing into /etc/rc.conf); if you specify a pathname as the firewall type, a dependency will be created automatically (but it's up to you to define the resource); there are too many different ways firewall rules can be defined. You might build a more complicated data model on top of this module. It defines Service['firewall'].

  • pf - stub class for future use. This class would implement the same interface for pf as the ipfw class does for the standard firewall, perhaps with some extra pf-specific features. It also defines Service['firewall'].

  • localbase - a fact that determines the package prefix (by calling "pkg query", so pkgng is mandatory) so that Puppet modules do not need to hardcode this configuration variable. So named because it's the counterpart to ${LOCALBASE} in It should be defined by the FreeBSD puppet port instead, and then it could be hard-coded to the correct value, eliminating a fork/exec from fact resolution.

Features will be removed from this module if and when comparable features are added to mainline Puppet or to the FreeBSD puppet port.


With the exception of the three types derived from examples on the Puppet Wiki, all code and documentation is provided under the terms of the MIT license; see the file LICENSE.



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