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released May 25th 2017
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deanwilson/multi_epp — version 0.1.0 May 25th 2017

Puppet multi_epp source function

The multi_epp puppet function allows you to list multiple EPP template files and use the first one that exists.

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The most common usage is to declare multiple files, most specific to least specific, and the values that should be passed to the template for use inside it.

class ssh::config {

  file { '/etc/ssh/sshd_config':
    ensure  => present,
    mode    => '0600',
    content => multi_epp( [
                          ], {
                                'port'          => 22222,
                                'ListenAddress' => '',


It's worth noting that the template file names must be called as an array of multiple files. While this is a little unwieldy it's required due to the way Puppet handles repeated parameters and anything following them in an invocation.

Supported versions

This function was written using the Puppet 4 function API and so will not run on Puppet 3 unless the future parser is enabled.


You can install this module from PuppetForge:

puppet module install deanwilson-multi_epp


Apache 2.0 - Dean Wilson

See also

The function this was based on, multitemplate, provides the same functionality for ERB templates.