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  • 0.9.0 (latest)
released Feb 17th 2014

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devopera/domotd — version 0.9.0 Feb 17th 2014


The Message of the Day (MOTD) can be used to show system information at login time. For the Devopera family of modules, it shows a summary of host information (size/spec of machine), network setup (IP/MAC), what's installed (profiles and services) and exposed ports.



  • rewritten for both CentOS and Ubuntu


  • /etc/issue now dynamically generated from /etc/issue.template like motd.template


  • Added /etc/issue message to show IP/MAC address before login

How it works

In CentOS, the message of the day lives in /etc/motd. It is optionally updated from a template in /etc/motd.template by a script appended to /etc/rc.local. In Ubuntu, the message of the day is typically composed from fragments in /etc/update-motd.d/*. We therefore compose the motd in a temporary folder (/etc/puppet/tmp), optionally from a template in the same directory. update-motd.d/15-devopera-motd then displays content from that temporary folder.


Setup a simple informative message of the day at puppet-time

class { 'domotd' : }

Refresh frequently changing information at machine start-up (dynamics)

class { 'domotd' :
  use_dynamics => true,

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