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  • 0.9.0 (latest)
released Feb 18th 2014

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devopera/dopki — version 0.9.0 Feb 18th 2014


Public-key infrastructure for Devopera puppet config. This module creates, stores and load public-private key pairs to allow access to remote servers, such as GitHub.



  • Introduced defined type dopki::addkey for adding multiple private and public keys


  • Private key file in /home/user/.ssh belongs to user (u+g)


  • Modified to write notifier to parameterized ${notifier_dir}


Store an existing private key, create an SSH agent (instantiated at first login, then persistent until reboot), load key into agent using auto-load (dev machines only).

class { 'dopki' :
  user => 'web',
  user_email => '',
  key_public => 'AAAAB3Nza=example=public=key=',
  key_private_type => 'rsa',
  key_private_name => 'id_rsa_keyid',
  key_private => '-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
    Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED
    DEK-Info: DES-EDE3-CBC,760B99922017D4F9
    -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----',
  key_private_passphrase => 'admLn**',
  require => Class['docommon'],

For secure systems take out the auto-load file (created by class { 'dopki' } above so that the first login requires the user enter the key passphrase.

  class { 'dopki::sshagentcleanup' :
    user => 'web',
    require => Class['dopki::sshagentadd'],

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