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Foreman smart class parameter data binding terminus for Puppet 3+

Dominic Cleal



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  • 0.1.0 (latest)
released Jan 18th 2013

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domcleal/foreman_data_binding — version 0.1.0 Jan 18th 2013


Data binding terminus for Puppet 3+ that uses Foreman's smart class parameters feature to resolve class parameters. Drop-in replacement for Hiera.

Requires the foreman_param_lookup plugin to be installed on your Foreman server.

Why would you do this?

In a Foreman 1.1 setup, classes are added to a host or hostgroup and Foreman provides the list of classes and their parameters to Puppet through the ENC. However, if those classes then include others, the data has to be provided by the first set of classes - which can make for lots of duplication of parameter lists.

Puppet 3 adds data binding support with Hiera, so if a class is included, it uses the data binding implementation to look up all of the parameters, e.g.

# this gets added to the host in Foreman
class role::webserver {
  include httpd

class httpd($document_root, $user, $group) {
  # ...

Puppet 3 will look up httpd::document_root, httpd::user and httpd::group automatically, without us needing to supply them in the role class.

When classes are imported in Foreman, you can create flexible matcher rules that allow a hierarchy of lookups to resolve class parameters.


First install the foreman_param_lookup plugin on your Foreman server.

On your puppetmaster, install this module:

puppet module install domcleal/foreman_data_binding

or copy this directory to your modulepath.

Edit lib/puppet/indirector/foreman.rb and set the $foreman_url value, e.g. to http://foreman/.

In your puppetmaster's /etc/puppet/puppet.conf, set:

data_binding_terminus = foreman

Restart the puppetmaster.


In Foreman, under Puppet Classes, ensure your classes have been imported.

Select a class, choose a parameter from the left hand list and edit the hierarchy and matchers. More info:


Copyright (c) 2013 Red Hat Inc. See LICENSE.