Module to create yum/apt repos of Puppet Enterprise

Chris Spence



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  • 0.0.1 (latest)
released Apr 5th 2013

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fiddyspence/pe_repo — version 0.0.1 Apr 5th 2013

This is a module to download and create Yum/Apt repos of the Puppet Enterprise installer, usually classified on a Puppet Enterprise puppet master - only tested on EL - things will need to change for other OS flavours. This was an experiment in how to start bootstrapping agent nodes from the Puppet Master itself as a software distribution node.

include pe_repo
pe_repo::yumrepo { 'el_6_i386_2.8.0':
  pever => '2.8.0',
  arch  => 'i386',
  dist  => 'el',
  rel   => '6',