Module to manage the Graphite monitoring tool

Gareth Rushgrove



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released Oct 8th 2013

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garethr/graphite — version 0.3.0 Oct 8th 2013

A Puppet module for managing the installation of Graphite.



Nice and simple, mainly because it's not yet very configurable.

include graphite


If you want to run the web interface on a port other than 80 you can pass this in like so:

class { 'graphite':
  port => 9000,

This modules will install Python and the ensure the relevant python dependencies are available. If you would rather not have this module manage python then you can disable this feature like so:

class { 'graphite':
  manage_python = false,

Another Graphite module?

Graphite can be painfull to install and many blog posts and gists are dedicated to that fact. However it appears to have got easier with most of the components now available in the Python Package repository. All the other puppet modules I found either lacked support for Ubuntu/Debian, relied on an undocumented package or did a lot of wgetting.

Although I've only tested this module on Ubuntu it should work on other distros too, maybe with minor tweaks.