It inizialize empty disk connect to a windows machine using powershell

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released Apr 26th 2016
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giuseppeborgese/disk_init_win — version 1.0.0 Apr 26th 2016


Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Setup - The basics of getting started with disk_init_win
  3. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.
  4. Development - Guide for contributing to the module


This module initialize all the new disks added to a Windows machine. Using powershell the module first find disks not yet initialized , second format these disks and assign the first drive letter available. It was tested with Windows 2012 R2 , it is not working with Windows 2008 because require powershell 3.0.


Beginning with disk_init_win

It is enough include in your nodes include disk_init_win


I tested with many machines but always with Windows 2012 R2 and puppet 3.7 , probably will work also on newer versions.


If you want give some feedback, corrections, or improvements write me to giuseppeborgese@gmail.com

Release Notes/Contributors/Etc.

In the module I used this line to extract the first drive letter available for($j=67;gdr($d=[char]++$j)2>0){}$d I found this line in this page http://www.powershellmagazine.com/2012/01/12/find-an-unused-drive-letter/