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hastexo/location — version 0.0.1 Jul 3rd 2019


This module contacts an on-line geolocation service and stores several facts about the geographical location of the node.


Do not retrieve facts from untrusted sources. location does not do any sanity checking on the retrieved location information.

By default, this module attempts to retrieve the node's location using the JSON service at http://freegeoip.net. This free service is limited to 1000 requests per hour, so you should not use it in massively elastic or particularly large environments.

However, the software running FreeGeoIP is freely available on GitHub, enabling you to run your own geo-location web service if you so choose.


To fetch geo-location information from FreeGeoIP, just put the following in your manifest:

include location

This will fetch your node's locative information from http://freegeoip.net/json/ and store it in /etc/facter/facts.d/location.json.

If you run your own service, or want to specify a non-default filename for the downloaded facts, you can do so as follows:

class { 'location':
    url => 'http://location.example.com/json/',
    filename => 'whereami.json'

Note that in order to be properly parsed by facter-dot-d, Your filename must end in .json.

Normally, the lookup will occur only once for every node. In order to purge and refresh a node's location information, delete the fact file and wait for the next agent run.


ASL 2.0.


Contact puppetforge@hastexo.com for any comments and questions about this module.


Please report issues on GitHub.