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Ilan Cohen



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  • 0.2.1 (latest)
released Apr 21st 2015

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ilanco/s3cmd — version 0.2.1 Apr 21st 2015

S3cmd module for Puppet

This module manages s3cmd on Linux (RedHat/Debian) distros.


This module uses the fact osfamily which is supported by Facter 1.6.1+. If you do not have facter 1.6.1 in your environment, the following manifests will provide the same functionality in site.pp (before declaring any node):

if ! $::osfamily {
  case $::operatingsystem {
    'RedHat', 'Fedora', 'CentOS', 'Scientific', 'SLC', 'Ascendos', 'CloudLinux', 'PSBM', 'OracleLinux', 'OVS', 'OEL': {
      $osfamily = 'RedHat'
    'ubuntu', 'debian': {
      $osfamily = 'Debian'
    'SLES', 'SLED', 'OpenSuSE', 'SuSE': {
      $osfamily = 'Suse'
    'Solaris', 'Nexenta': {
      $osfamily = 'Solaris'
    default: {
      $osfamily = $::operatingsystem



Installs and configures s3cmd command line tool (

class {'s3cmd':
    aws_access_key => '*********************************',
    aws_secret_key => '*********************************',
    gpg_passphrase => 'gpg password for encryption',
    owner => 'owner',
  • Retrieve aws access and secret key from your aws account
  • gpg_passphrase is a password used from encrypting and decrypting data. The passphrase is yours to choose.
  • owner is the user that will run the s3cmd command. The s3cmd configuration file will be stored in users home directory


Downloads an object from s3.

s3cmd::commands::get{'local file': s3_object => 's3://(bucket name)/(object name)', cwd => 'working directory', owner => 'owner', }

  • The name of the s3::commands::get is the local file name of the object you are retrieving
  • s3_object is the https path to the s3 object
  • owner is the owner of the s3cmd command. It is the same owner as declared in the s3cmd class.