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Jeff Eklund



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  • 0.1.2 (latest)
  • 0.1.0
released Jan 12th 2014

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Tags: weechat, irc, irssi


jeekl/weechat — version 0.1.2 Jan 12th 2014



Simple module that can install weechat, the IRC client.


Simply include the weechat class.

include weechat

Set $install_upstream_packages = true to install unsigned packages built by the weechat developers (or community). Warning This will enable your system to install packages from unsigned sources.

Set $install_devel_packages = true to install the development packages built by the upstream developers. This requires that you've set $install_upstream_packages to true before.


Example of how to do this in your site.pp:

node just.let.me.chat.already.com' {
  class {'weechat':
    install_upstream_packages => true,
    install_devel_packages    => true,
  include weechat


This module is known to work with the following operating system families:

  • Debian 7.3 or newer