Provides custom fact to include all puppet certificate extensions (trusted facts) as facts

Jesse Reynolds



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released May 2nd 2016
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  • RedHat

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jesse/certificate_extensions_facts — version 0.1.4 May 2nd 2016

Puppet Certificate Extensions Facts

This puppet module provides a custom fact to include all puppet certificate extensions as facts. This allows console based clasification of nodes based on 'trusted' facts embedded in the certificate by making these available as regular facts.

Facts added correspond to each of the X509 certificate extensions under Puppet's ppRegCertExt oid namespace, When there are short names defined in the puppet agent code in Puppet::SSL::Oids::PUPPET_OIDS the facts will appear with the short names as the fact names. Eg:

$ facter pp_instance_id

They will also always appear as facts named with the oid prefixed with certificate_extension_, and with periods translated to underscores Eg:

$ facter certificate_extension_1_3_6_1_4_1_34380_1_1_2

See the docs for the list of oids with short names defined in the puppet agent.

Author: Jesse Reynolds; Puppet, Inc.

This fact is subject to the license of this module as per the LICENSE file.