Installs Gitolite3 and gitweb onto a server so that you can have a local git server

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  • 1.0.6 (latest)
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  • 1.0.2
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released Feb 20th 2017
This version is compatible with:
  • Puppet Enterprise 3.2.x
  • Puppet 3.x
  • RedHat

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jlcox/gitweb — version 1.0.6 Feb 20th 2017


Module Description

Installs both gitolite and gitweb server that uses ssh to connect for read write and a website for browsing the repos. It assumes apache is separately installed and a vhost setup for CGI execution.


This class assumes that apache is separately installed, and includes its own vhost definition, for which this class needs to be installed.

Gitweb configuration

A simple setup needs to declare just an SSH key

class { 'gitweb':
  git_key => 'some key value'

This results in:

  • A gitolite respository installed in /home/git
  • A new user git:git created
  • An admin user in the gitolite repository named install that allows access through the provided SSH key
  • A umask of 0077 on the /home/git/repositories directory
  • A cgi script installed in /var/wwww/git/gitweb.cgi
  • The default /etc/gitweb.conf file configured to point to the gitolite repositories directory

If youre [apache] install is using defaults, it will have a user and group of apache:apache or httpd:httpd, depending on distro used. You will need to make sure that your apache user has a secondary group of git or that apache's group is set to git

class { 'apache':

   group => 'git'

in order to access the repositories directory

Apache configuration

On the apache side, you need to point it at the installed gitweb location, and enable the CGI handler. Various options are available, depending on whether you are using apache::mod::perl or apache::mod::fastcgi. The following setup illustrates basic CGI usage as a vhost

$git_cgi_dir = '/var/www/git'

include apache::mod::cgi

apache::vhost { "git":
  docroot => '/var/www/git/static',
  options => [ 'Indexes', 'FollowSymlinks', 'ExecCGI' ],
  custom_fragment =>  'AddHandler cgi-script .cgi',
  rewrite_rule => "^/$ $git_cgi_dir/gitweb.cgi",

  directories => [
      'path' => '/var/www/git',
      'options' => 'ExecCGI',
      'allow' => 'from all',

class { 'gitweb':
    git_key => hiera('git.admin.key'),
    admin_user => hiera(''),
    repo_umask => '0027',
    cgi_bin_dir => $git_cgi_dir,





administrators public ssh key for setting up the system.


Gitolite internal user name for the administrator key.


The type of key for the administrator (defaults to ssh-rsa)


root directory for the repository. Defaults to the git users home direcotry (/home/git)


Adds an auto incrimental serial tag to each commit


Jason Cox


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