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released Sep 17th 2013

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joshcooper/powershell — version 0.0.6 Sep 17th 2013



This module adds an exec provider allowing Puppet to execute PowerShell commands.

##Module Description

Puppet provides a built-in exec type that is capable of executing commands. This module adds a powershell provider for the exec type, and as such, supports all of the exec parameters like creates, onlyif, unless, etc.


###Beginning with powershell

The best way to install this module is with the puppet module subcommand or the puppet-module Gem. On your puppet master, execute the following command, optionally specifying your puppet master's modulepath in which to install the module:

$ puppet module install [--modulepath <path>] joshcooper/powershell

See the section Installing Modules for more information.


To rename the Guest account:

exec { 'rename-guest':
  command   => '$(Get-WMIObject Win32_UserAccount -Filter "Name=\'guest\'").Rename("new-guest")',
  unless    => 'if (Get-WmiObject Win32_UserAccount -Filter "Name=\'guest\'") { exit 1 }',
  provider  => powershell,

Notice that the command parameter is single-quoted to prevent puppet from interpolating $(..). Also note that the example uses the unless parameter to make the resource idempotent. The command is only executed if the Guest account does not exist, as indicated by unless returning 0.

The powershell provider also supports the onlyif exec parameter. See the exec resource for more information about these parameters.


  • This module requires PowerShell to be installed and the powershell.exe to be available in the system PATH.
  • Be careful when using PowerShell variables, e.g. $_, as they must be escaped in puppet manifests either using backslashes or single quotes.


Apache License, Version 2.0