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Javier Palacios



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  • 1.0.0 (latest)
released Dec 13th 2013

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jpalacios/sqltable — version 1.0.0 Dec 13th 2013

sqltable puppet module

Javier Palacios javiplx@gmail.com


The purpose of this module is to manage simple sql tables that store configuration as name/value pairs. The use case is managing configuration of tomcat based applications, which commonly store configuration parameters on database instead of using a properties file.


The module only works with mysql.

Resource definition

If the title has the form database.table.keyname, it is parsed to fill other parameters, but only table has a default value (Configuration). An error is raised if the parameters are explicitly declared and do not match those coming from title.

Resource description to create and delete a parameter looks like

sqltable { 'parameter':
  ensure      => 'present',
  key         => 'parameter_name',
  value       => 'parameter-value',
  description => 'Description of the parameter',
  database    => 'example',
  table       => 'Config'

sqltable { 'example.Configuration.obsolete_parameter':
  ensure      => 'absent'

There are also parameters to specify host, user and password required to connect to the database server.

Resource discovering

The module is able to list existing resources, but only if locally run on the mysql server, and only searchs for tables named Configuration