A report processor plugin for re-enabling the tagmail feature in PE 3.7 onwards. Use this to have Puppet send emails based on tags

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released Dec 30th 2014
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mrpuppet/tagmail — version 0.1.3 Dec 30th 2014


Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Module Description - What the module does and why it is useful
  3. Installation and Usage
  4. Reference - An under-the-hood peek at what the module is doing and how
  5. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.


This is a plug-in replacement of the existing built-in tagmail report processor. Tagmail is a very often used feature in Puppet. It is used to send email notifications based on tags associated to resources or classes. The tagmail feature is broken in the JVM based PE 3.4 and is scheduled to be completely removed in PE 4.0. This is a module that provides an alternative and replaces the same functionality as available in tagmail prior to PE 3.4.

Module Description

This module is a report processor plugin to generate a tagmail report. The tagmail report sends specific log messages via email based on the tags that are present in each log message. Tags allow users to set context for resources; for example, one can tag all resources that belong to a particular operating system, location, or any other characteristic. See the documentation on tags for more information. Tags can also be specified in the puppet.conf configuration file to tell the agents to apply only configurations tagged with the specified tags. The tagmail report uses the same tags to generate email reports. The tags assigned to the resources are added to the log results, and then Puppet generates email based on matching particular tags with particular email addresses. This matching is configured in a configuration file called tagmail.conf. By default, the tagmail.conf file is located in the $confdir directory. This is controlled by the tagmap configuration option in the puppet.conf file. Also ensure that tagmail is set as one of the (comma separated) values for the reports configuration as shown below:

tagmap = $confdir/tagmail.conf
reports = puppetdb,console,tagmail

On the agent ensure pluginsync is enabled. It is enabled by default.

report = true
pluginsync = true

Installation and Usage

To use this report, you must create a tagmail.conf file on the puppet master in the location specified by the tagmap setting. The value of the tagmap setting can be looked up using puppet master --configprint tagmap on the puppet master. The tagmail.conf is a simple file that maps tags to email addresses: Any log messages in the report that match the specified tags will be sent to the specified email addresses. Lines in the tagmail.conf file consist of a comma-separated list of tags, a colon, and a comma-separated list of email addresses. Tags can be !negated with a leading exclamation mark, which will subtract any messages with that tag from the set of events handled by that line.

Puppet's log levels (debug, info, notice, warning, err, alert, emerg, crit, and verbose) can also be used as tags, and there is an all tag that will always match all log messages.

An example tagmail.conf:

all: me@domain.com
webserver, !mailserver: httpadmins@domain.com

This will send all messages to me@domain.com, and all messages from webservers that are not also from mailservers to httpadmins@domain.com.

If you are using anti-spam controls such as grey-listing on your mail server, you should whitelist the sending email address (controlled by reportfrom configuration option) to ensure your email is not discarded as spam. The tagmail.conf file contains a list of tags and email addresses separated by colons. Multiple tags and email addresses can be specified by separating them with commas.

Other settings can also be optionally in puppet.conf to control the email notification settings: smtpserver, smtpport, smtphelo, sendmail.


This module has been built in direct response to the ticket below: https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/browse/SERVER-62

It is based on the original tagmail report processor which is a part of core puppet.


This module should be used only for PE >3.4 or Puppet 3.7 onwards and only if using the JVM on the puppet master. For older versions of Puppet or if using the legacy puppet master on Apache/Rack/Passenger, then the tagmail feature built into the core of Puppet should be used.