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released May 14th 2015

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onyxpoint/learning_custom_types — version 1.0.1 May 14th 2015

Learning Custom Types

This module attempts to clearly delineate the execution of a custom type and provider and demonstrate what you can do with each.

It is meant as a learning and teaching aid and should not be used in production but may be a good place to start when developing a new custom type.


This module can be installed on a running master to get an idea of what part execute on the master and the client. Or you can run it using puppet apply with the following method.

# Make sure you're using Puppet 3 or higher!

git clone https://github.com/onyxpoint/onyxpoint-learning_custom_types.git
mv onyxpoint-learning_custom_types learning_custom_types
cd learning_custom_types

# Optional
# bundle

rake Run_Walkthrough


You can also step through the code using Pry,

rake Run_Walkthrough[yes]


Please log tickets and issues in the Learning Custom Types project on GitHub.


All code Copyright (C) 2015 Onyx Point, Inc.