Allow http URL's for the windows package provider
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Version information

  • 4.0.3 (latest)
  • 4.0.2
  • 4.0.1
  • 4.0.0
released Jul 3rd 2019
This version is compatible with:
  • Puppet Enterprise 3.2.x
  • Puppet 3.x
  • windows

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openinfrastructure/http_msi — version 4.0.3 Jul 3rd 2019

Puppet HTTP MSI Fix

This module provides a fix for PUP-3317. Install this module into your control repository, or however you manage modules, and then use plugin sync to get the code to all of your agents.

This module does one thing only, and that is monkey-patches the Windows MSI package provider so that source parameters do not have their value munged if they're a valid URI string. This allows the following to work on windows.

package { '7zip':
  ensure => installed,
  source => '',


Jeff McCune of Open Infrastructure Services