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  • 1.0.2 (latest)
  • 1.0.1
  • 1.0.0
released Jul 27th 2016

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paulosuzart/sdkman — version 1.0.2 Jul 27th 2016


former paulosuzart/gvm

Module can be used to install Sdkman and manage its available packages;


    class { 'sdkman' :
      owner   => 'someuser',
      group   => 'g_someuser',
      homedir => '/apps/someuser', #optional
  • owner is the user name that will own the installation. From it the home of the user is assumed to be /home/$owner, or /root if the provided user is root. Defaults to root.
  • group is the group name of the owner. Defaults to $owner.
  • homedir is the home directory of the owner. This can be omitted if the home directory is /root or /home/$owner.

To install packages simply do:

  sdkman::package { 'grails':
    version    => '2.1.5',
    is_default => true,
    ensure     => present #default
  • version will make sdkman::package to install the given version of the package
  • is_default will make this package as default if you want to install many versions

To remove packages use the extra argument package_name (defaults to name) like this:

  sdkman::package { 'remove grails 2.0.1':
    package_name => 'grails',
    version   => '2.0.1',
    ensure    => absent,

The package_name is also useful for multiple versions of a given package.

It is required Package['unzip'] declared somewhere in your manifests.

Use sdkman::package_hash to install using Hiera databinding. For example

  'groovy': { version: '2.4.5' }


Tested and mostly built to run with Ubuntu/Debian.

Release Notes

Notes for release 1.0.2

Notes for release 1.0.1

  • Added a package_hash for adding packages by using Hiera databinding

Notes for release 1.0.0

  • Fully refactored to support sdkman

For further details regarding contribution to old gvm module, please refer to that project.