This provides a resource type to manage SMF/SVC properties in Solaris.

Philip Brown



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released Jul 24th 2014

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Tags: os, solaris, smf, svc, fmri


ppbrown/svcprop — version 1.1.0 Jul 24th 2014

This is a module providing a new type, "svcprop". It is designed for Solaris, and related OS's. (IE: Illumos, etc) I dont know what "operatingsystem" returns for those, so please let me know, if you run this module on those other types.

Sample puppet manifest usage, to set a config value for svc:/network/smtp:sendmail:

svcprop { "sendmail-local": fmri=>"network/smtp:sendmail", property => "config/local_only", value => "true", }