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Backport some features to older puppet versions


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Version information

  • 0.0.2 (latest)
  • 0.0.1
released Jan 25th 2017

Start using this module

  • r10k or Code Manager
  • Bolt
  • Manual installation
  • Direct download

Add this module to your Puppetfile:

mod 'ptomulik-backports', '0.0.2'
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Add this module to your Bolt project:

bolt module add ptomulik-backports
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Manually install this module globally with Puppet module tool:

puppet module install ptomulik-backports --version 0.0.2

Direct download is not typically how you would use a Puppet module to manage your infrastructure, but you may want to download the module in order to inspect the code.



ptomulik/backports — version 0.0.2 Jan 25th 2017


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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Setup
  3. Development


Backport selected features to older versions of Puppet.


Setup Requirements

You must enable pluginsync in your puppet.conf.

Beginning with backports

It's just enough to require appropriate file from this module to backport certain feature. For example, to backport a package_settings (a feature and property of the package type introduced in Puppet 3.5.0) put the following line in an appropriate place (before code that relies on this feature)

require 'puppet/backport/type/package/package_settings'


Feature Since How to backport
type/package/package_settings 3.5.0 require 'puppet/backport/type/package/package_settings'
type/package/uninstall_options 3.0.0 require 'puppet/backport/type/package/uninstall_options'
Parameter::PackageOptions 3.0.0 require 'puppet/backport/parameter/package_options'


The project is held at github: