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released Jan 6th 2014

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ptomulik/packagex — version 0.3.1 Jan 6th 2014


Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Setup
  3. Development


NOTE: I decided to split this package into smaller pieces in order to achieve better reusability. Now this module is only a "virtual" module with no contents and it only defines dependencies to other modules.

This is an enhanced version of puppet package resource and some of its providers.

This is a place, where I develop and test my extended version of puppet package resource with enhanced providers. The releases found at are known to be functional and may be used with recent versions of puppet (3.2 and later).

Providers are developed in separate projects, but all the supported providers get installed as a dependencies of this module. Currently the ptomulik-packagex installs the following providers:

The resource type is developed in separate project as well, see ptomulik-packagex_resource.


What packagex affects

  • installs, upgrades, reinstalls and uninstalls packages,

Setup Requirements

You may need to enable pluginsync in your puppet.conf.

Beginning with packagex

Its usage is essentially same as for the original package resource.


The project is held at github: