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Renan Vicente Gomes da Silva

Renan Vicente Gomes da Silva



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  • 1.0.1 (latest)
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released Jul 3rd 2019

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renanvicente/goaccess — version 1.0.1 Jul 3rd 2019

Puppet module: goaccess

This is a Puppet module for goaccess It provides only package installation and management

Made by Renan Vicente renanvice@gmail.com based on Example42 layouts by Alessandro Franceschi / Lab42

Official site: http://www.renanvicente.com

Official git repository: http://github.com/renanvicente/puppet-goaccess

Released under the terms of Apache 2 License.

USAGE - Basic management

  • Install goaccess with default settings

      class { 'goaccess': }
  • Install a specific version of goaccess package

      class { 'goaccess':
        version => '0.7.1',
  • Remove goaccess resources

      class { 'goaccess':
        absent => true
  • Module dry-run: Do not make any change on all the resources provided by the module

      class { 'goaccess':
        noops => true
  • Automatically include a custom subclass

      class { 'goaccess':
        my_class => 'renanvicente::my_goaccess',


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