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Module wmi

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This module is a defined type to manage WMI objects on Windows. It has been tested on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Module Description

This is a fairly simple type to set the values for WMI objects so you don't have to fight Puppet DSL wrapping up PowerShell with all the right syntax.


To use the wmi type, you must specify as least the namespace, class, property and value (as shown below). When a value for wmi_method is not provided it will change only the property specified. Otherwise, it will use the method provided. Be aware that you should always use the class method whenever it is available. That's the correct usage. Otherwise the property might not be changed properly.

Using properties

These examples will set the property value directly without calling any method. Because there isn't any available.

wmi { 'Change RDS RDP-TCP Environment Setting':
  wmi_namespace => 'root/cimv2/terminalservices',
  wmi_class     => 'Win32_TSEnvironmentSetting',
  wmi_property  => 'InitialProgramPolicy',
  wmi_value     => '2',
wmi { 'Install SSL Certificate for RDP':
    wmi_namespace => 'root/cimv2/terminalservices',
    wmi_class     => 'Win32_TSGeneralSetting',
    wmi_property  => 'SSLCertificateSHA1Hash',
    wmi_value     => '669A9C961733A05F228CD12AA9C6D5DAFE48FA58', 

Using methods

These examples use specified methods.

wmi { 'Remote Desktop - Allow Connections' :
  wmi_namespace => 'root/cimv2/terminalservices',
  wmi_class     => 'Win32_TerminalServiceSetting',
  wmi_property  => 'AllowTSConnections',
  wmi_value     => '1',
  wmi_method    => 'SetAllowTSConnections',
wmi { 'Remote Desktop - Set Encription Level':
  wmi_namespace => 'root/cimv2/terminalservices',
  wmi_class     => 'Win32_TSGeneralSetting',
  wmi_property  => 'MinEncryptionLevel'
  wmi_value     => '1',
  wmi_method    => 'SetEncryptionLevel',