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released Nov 8th 2014

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ripienaar/geolocation — version 0.0.3 Nov 8th 2014


A custom fact that queries for the machines location

geo_area_code => unknown
geo_city => Amsterdam
geo_country_code => NL
geo_country_name => Netherlands
geo_latitude => 52.35
geo_longitude => 4.9167
geo_metro_code => unknown
geo_region_code => 07
geo_region_name => Noord-Holland
geo_zipcode => unknown will return a lot of information when available, but as you can see above when some part is not available we show unknown


Since this fact queries a remote service you probably do not want to install it on sensitive machines, or 1000s of machines at a time.

You could consider hosting your own instance of the app though, the source is @

The fact writes a cache into your OS temp directory and if the file exist on a future run it will just read that and not query the Remote API. On my machine that is /tmp/freegeoip_facter.pstore.

Facter does not really have a way for facts to have configuration so the url for the freegeoip service is hard coded and the tempdir is whatever your system sets via ruby's tempdir module. So ths will work on windows or unix and honor things like TMPDIR environment variables.


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