Puppet module for provisioning Shine Solutions AEM Stack Manager

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  • 1.0.1 (latest)
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released Aug 24th 2017

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shinesolutions/aem_stack_manager — version 1.0.1 Aug 24th 2017

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A Puppet module for provisioning the Shine Solutions AEM Stack Manager.


Setup Requirements

If you want to use an S3 URL ( s3://bucket/path ) for the jar file source, you'll need to have the AWS CLI installed and configured so root can run the command below without error. This means you'll need to ensure AWS default credentials are configured correctly. Information on how to set them up is detailed in [the AWS CLI docs.] (

aws s3 cp <url> /tmp/jar.tmp

Beginning with shinesolutions-aem_stack_manager

Install the module using the puppet command:

puppet module install shinesolutions-aem_stack_manager

Or via a Puppetfile:

mod 'shinesolutions-aem_stack_manager'

Or uf you want to use the newest code from git:

mod 'shinesolutions-aem_stack_manager', :git => ''

Then just include the module in your Puppet code:

include aem_stack_manager


Parameters can be set with Hiera. See the defaults in data/common.yaml for examples.

Most default parameters are correct, but you will likely need to override the following to point to the AEM Stack Manager jar file:

aem_stack_manager::jarfile_source: (s3|http|file)://(host|bucket)/path/to/aem_stack_manager.jar
aem_stack_manager::jarfile_checksum_value: <sha256 hash of aem_stack_manager.jar>


The module's classes and their parameters are documented in the comments in each manifest file. HTML documentation generated with puppet strings can be found in the docs/ folder -- which is published on GitHub Pages for easy reference.