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supercow/global_zone_id — version 0.0.1 May 30th 2013

Solaris Global Zone ID

A Solaris zone is a container that provides an independent virtual machine (called a "zone" or "non-global zone") available in Solaris 10 and newer.

This module provides two custom facts for working with these zones.

Basic Usage

For the global_zone fact to be available on a non-global zone, the global_zone_id class must be applied to the global zone which hosts it.

# On the node acting as a global zone:
include global_zone_id

No puppet code needs to be applied on non-global zones. The facts can be viewed after puppet completes a plugin-sync (typically during each puppet run) either by querying the inventory service (see "inventory" under the node's page in the Puppet Enterprise console) or by using the facter executable:

root@zone1:# facter global_zone

Custom Facts

  • solaris_zones: This fact enumerates all non-global zones on the current global zone, excluding the global zone itself, using the command 'zoneadm list'. Zone names are returned as a comma-separated string.

  • global_zone: This fact reads the /etc/global_zone file and returns the value. This file should be set by the global zone by applying the global_zone_id class.


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