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released May 28th 2014

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viirya/hive — version 0.0.8 May 28th 2014

Puppet module for deploying Apache Hive

This module deploys Apache Hive. It is tested with Apache Hive trunk (built against Hadoop 2.0.3 alpha and packaged as tarball hive-0.11.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz) and Apache Hadoop 2.0.3 alpha release (deployed using puppet module viirya/hadoop) under puppet agent/master environment.


After installing this module in puppet master node, in site.pp, defining:

node 'your hive node' { include java include hive::cluster }

Before deploying this module, please install and setup Hadoop cluster on machines. This module assumes that ssh connection and hadoop users are all set up.

Downloading or building Hive tarball and putting under files/.

Please modify parameters such as 'version', 'metastore_server', 'metastore_host', 'metastore_password' in manifests/params.pp.

You also need to setup a mysql server as metastore host.


Since 0.0.6, this module supports Kerberos. Setting the parameter 'kerberos_mode' to 'yes' will generate necessary principle and keytab file for hive.