A puppet module to enable [Heroku](, git push-based deployment of web apps and workers.

Luke Bunselmeyer



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  • 0.1.1 (latest)
released Dec 5th 2013

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wmluke/gitdeploy — version 0.1.1 Dec 5th 2013

Puppet Git Deploy

A puppet module to enable Heroku-style, git push-based deployment of web apps and workers.


This module is PRE-ALPHA. Use at your own risk.

Puppet Usage

# Configure up gitdeploy
class { 'gitdeploy':
    bareReposDir => "/var/git",
    webroot      => "/var/www",
    owner        => "root",
    group        => "root",

# Create a bare git repo at ${bareReposDir}/rad-app.git
# On each push deploy the app to ${webroot}/rad-app
gitdeploy::repo { 'rad-app':}

App Preparation

Setup Makefile and Procfile

Gitdeploy replies on Makefile's and Procfile's to build and run apps respectively. Just commit a Makefile or Procfile in your app repo.

Example Makefile

    mvn clean install -P uberjar

Example Procfile

web: java $JAVA_OPTS -jar target/api-0.1.05.jar server src/main/resources/prod.yml

Setup Git remote

$ git remote add <remote-name> ssh://<instance-url>/var/git/rad-app.git


Run this command...

$ git push <remote-name> master:master

This will push your changes to the bar git repo created by the gitdeploy. These changes will be deployed to the webroot. If your app has a Makefile, make install. If your app has a Procfile, then foreman will export an upstart config and run it.