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released Jul 3rd 2019

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zivtech/drupal_solr — version 4.0.1 Jul 3rd 2019

Drupal Solr

This project sets up an instance of Solr configured to run with SOLR.

It installs SOLR on tomcat6 on Ubuntu based systems. Patches to support other architectures are welcome. Patches to add testing are especially welcome.


Just run puppet module install zivtech/drupal_solr.

Basic usage

include drupal_solr

Advanced usage

class { 'drupal_solr':
  user => 'tomcat6',
  group => 'some_website_admin_group',


This module relies on puppetlabs/vcsrepo and rodjek/logrotate.

Using the setup once installed

Creating a solr instance

This module supports creating multiple solr instances all of which are added to and managed by tomcat. Once you use this module to install solr you can create specific instances like so:

create-solr-instance mysite 7 sapi

This will create a solr instance with the search_api schema appropriate for Drupal 7.

Removing a solr instance

You can remove the solr instance from tomcat and delete all data inside the index with the following command:

remove-solr-instance mysite